Friday, December 11, 2009

Bling in the New Year...

specific obsession= eye products, more importantly eye shadow. I believe in having an extensive color palette for eye beautification.

Over Thanksgiving break, I came across the most stunning turquoise eyeshadow from mac. What attracted me to it? The silver specs. I love the color turquoise or teal and this eyeshadow was absolutely beautiful. Its part of Mac's Mineralize eye shadow collection. The exact name is Blue Sorcery (remember...the names are what sell me). Its a mineral eyeshadow that you can apply wet or dry according to the Mac consultant I spoke to. I'm hesitant about trying my eyeshadow wet, but maybe one day i'll Mac up to it. Its suggested that you pat on the specs with a brush instead of brushing it on like you would do any regular eyeshadow. This eyeshadow can be used as an accent color, a bold color for your lid, and what I LOVE the most about it is you can bling it up with the silver specs and look like a DIVA!!! Pricey (19.50) but SOO WORTH IT!

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