About me

I'm a teacher (contrary to my almost 12 year old appearance) who loves to shop for makeup and jewelry. I very much enjoy the whole fashion world even though with a teacher's salary its almost impossible. So instead I mix cuteness and comfort with my two loves and hope for a day with attentive students and few discipline problems. We know thats usually never the case. Since my stress relief typically involve some sort of shopping, I usually resort to my two loves. I write about my adventures in my makeup addiction because there are a lot of great things out there and some people dont know where to get information about them. So, I look through all the magazines and set off on a makeup-ing adventure or see what my friends are using and write about it.
How superficial if my life only revolved around makeup..I love the arts, culture, travel, big city life, education, reading, great friendships, true love,  and movies just to name a few. I love NYC and Chicago and wish that one day the garden of forking paths that is life takes me there for something grand!

Remember: There's always a little room in life to be a little diva!