Friday, November 27, 2009

A clean slate

With so much makeup, especially eye makeup for me, I've been trying to find which eye makeup remover I liked best. I didn't try very many but as I was rummaging through my mom's medicine cabinet I came across an eye makeup remover from Almay. I loved it because after all the layers, the primer, the eyeshadow, the liner, the mascara, my face looked like a clean slate for my next eye adventure. I had been using the target brand remover and I felt like I was still scraping my makeup off and there was still remnants of it!

Almay has two types and I like the moisturizing remover. My eye makeup comes right off, its gentle and smooth, and only 5 dollars!!

Its great to feel like my face is fresh and my eyes have a new clean slate. It follows the theme of my life from this point forward. Erasing my sad moments and creating a new slate for wonderful, beautiful memories in this new year to come. Opening doors, healing wounds, and living it up the rest of this year and in the year to come! Excited for 2010

Friday, November 20, 2009

Beauty is in the EYE of the beholder...

So, in my infinite quest of finding mascara that I love, I made an impulse purchase a few months ago at the Clinique counter. I was looking for a good mascara. The lady at the counter suggested that I try Clinique High Impact mascara. As as the theme goes I was captivated by the name and the tube itself was glittery green...I thought ok, here we go again. I used it for two days and concluded eh..i dont like it that much. Well my mom bought it as well and in my two week stint with them I decided to try all her makeup that I didnt have. In her beauty mess, I came across Clinique High Impact again. So I decided to give it another try and guess what..I love it! Now thanks to Courtney one type of mascara is not enough, different kinds give you different looks and this high impact along with my bare minerals mascara gave me a look I liked. It doesnt make your eyelashes hard, which I dont mind but it gives them a very full effect. Remember just like nail polish...two coats for mascara to get the desired look.

I feel a MAC shopping excursion in the works....

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

True Love's Kiss...

comes in the form of Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm. About 3 years ago my best friend came from NY to visit me here in Florida. She brought with her this lip balm and that she SWORE on and said once I tried I'd never go back. So I tried hers and I was skeptical at first because I hate lip glosses or lip balms that end up leaving my lips waxy or chapped. I was pleasantly surprised when that didn't happen. I had been using the chapstick brand and that no longer worked. I used vaseline for a little bit during a freak allergy that made my lips swell. Knowing myself we had to go find it immediately. She got hers at Sephora, so we went. The lip balm was 7.50 for a pot of gloss and last me for one whole year. I love this lip gloss because it makes my lips super soft and tastes like strawberry. If you've noticed I like things to last and this lip balm goes into my tried and true collection. If I have to name the top 5 things in my purse or things I cant leave home without, my Rosebud lip balm would definitely be one of them. Every girl needs a reliable lip balm :)

My favorite lipstick is from Clinique's Butter Shine collection of lipsticks. I dont really wear lipstick because I dont like the after chapped feel but this also makes my lips soft and I could even put it on without a light coat of lip balm. Its very soft and also a must in my purse. My favorite one comes in the shade Baby Baby which is a light shimmery pink. Clinique overall has a great collection of lipstick that are really good for your lips.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Pore Me..

So in my neverending quest to find the best products, this weekend I bought the Philosophy Purity 1 step cleanser. I had been reading reviews about it and it sounded great so I thought I'd give it a try. I opted for the travel size ($10). Crazy I know but I figured if I end up loving it, I'll get my money's worth. Well I bought it Saturday afternoon, used it that night, then Sunday morning, night and now Monday morning. I have a GINORMOUS pimple on my CHIN!!! I NEVER break out! So this product definitely didnt work for me and I'll stick to my Clean and Clear Gentle Cream Cleanser for $3.99. I know people who love this product and I hope if it continues to work you still use it. As for me, I wont be buying it anymore.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

All I want for Christmas is....

MAKEUP! Well, not really but during the holidays cosmetic companies release one of a kind holiday arrangements. One of the ones I happened to stumble upon and purchase was the Mini Merries nail polish collection from O.P.I. I love O.P.I. because the most creative names. They have two kits all holiday themed based on the color. The collection I bought includes Comet Loves Cupid (a bright christmas red), All A-bordeaux the Sled (a lovely dark wine red, my favorite), Holiday Glow (a dark brown with small silver and gold specs), and Shimmery Chic (a coppery brown with iridescent glitter flakes.) What I love about O.P.I. nail polish is that it goes on thick and has a great shine after you put it on. Remember to get the actual effect of the nail polish color on your nail you need TWO coats! This lil collection was $9.95 at Ulta.

Another nail polish that I've recently discovered that I like and you can get for $2.99 each is the nail polish from Rimmel London. They have a ton of different colors ranging from your traditional reds and pinks, but also have a great new selection of metallic purples, greens, and blues. I like the fact that they advertise that they dry in 60 seconds and have a "quick and precise" brush.

I used to not be a big fan of nail polish for fear that my nails would turn yellow (not true by the way). Then for my best friends wedding I put on acrylic nails, which looked GORGEOUS, but of course the upkeep of acrylic nails can get quite pricey, so I took them off. Well unfortunately, the acrylics ended up ruining my nails and they took a month to heal from that trauma. So in the meantime I had my nails short and with dark nail polish. I love it! Thats how I have them now and am always looking for new dark colors to try.

I love getting suggestions from people on what to try, so if you have something that you know you wont spend money on unless you know its good, let me know and I'll do the spending and trying. After all, I'm the addicted one ;). I just bought the Philosophy face cleanser and a Too Faced blush, insight to come later.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The eyes are the window to the soul

In the olden days, I used to spend every day crying and losing sleep and I developed these awful circles under my eyes. Before Bare Minerals I really couldnt find anything to cover it up. I used eye creams because I've heard people in the makeup world say you are never too old to start using eye products. Well I forgot about the whole idea of taking care of my eyes until recently I started noticing that I still had the circles and I wasn't crying anymore. So I decided to investigate what my lovely Bare Minerals products had for the eyes. Well needless to say I'm a sucker for creative names and I opted to go for the Bare Vitamins Eye Rev-er Upper. I read the reviews online and so far it was a big hit. It has these illuminating minerals that brighten the areas around your eyes. You apply it before you put on your makeup. I like it because its light and doesnt make your eyes look all pasty after your put your makeup. It also adds a little hint of shimmer under your eyes and I'm all about shimmer. Its nothing super diva, its very subtle and I love it. Its a little pricey but well worth it and it lasts a long time. All yours for $21.

So continuing along my Bare Minerals addiction, I love their eyeshadows and fun names that go with them. Now what I love about this line of makeup is while it may be on the more expensive side it lasts for a long time. Bare Minerals eyeshadows are $13 each. My favorites are this shimmery green called Soiree and a smoky shimmery purple called Gossip. Along with the primetime eyelid primer from my previous post are a must have for eyeshadow.

Well as I mentioned in my previous posts I have some tried and true makeup that never fails me. Along with the theme of eyes my eyeliner is amazing. I use the Perfect Point Plus from Cover Girl. Its a retractable pencil so no sharpening and it has a small smudge or corrector sponge on the end. I love this eyeliner because it goes on smooth and lasts all day.

That's all for today. I'm currently on a nail polish craze so stay tuned for my thoughts on the new O.P.I. Minis and Rimmel London.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

More bang for your buck!

Main addiction: Bare Escentuals.

I have been using Bare Escentuals products for about 6 months now and I absolutely love them. I feel like my face looks so smooth and pretty when I use these products. I'm not one for the cakey or pastey look when it comes to makeup. Bare Minerals does just the opposite.

My addiction started on my one of many trips to Jacksonville to visit Courtney. She is also an avid Bare Minerals user and insisted I get hooked to it as well. I started with all the brushes...I was fascinated by these big brushes that seemed to work miracles. Upon arriving back to Orlando, I went to ULTA (favorite store) to see what Bare Minerals I could invest in. Most of the major makeup stores carry a Bare Minerals starter kit that includes 2 foundations, a mineral veil, and an all over face color called warmth. The kit also comes with three brushes that are the miracle workers, I was sold right there. For $60 dollars you get a collection based on your skin tone and brushes for application. Its a combined value of about $144, and VERY well worth it in my opinion.

My current vice is the Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Mascara. It makes my lashes so long and separates the lashes and eliminates the clumps that arise after multiple applications. Cost $18

Finally, a must have is the Eyeshadow Primer from Bare Minerals. I had never really thought about an eyeshadow primer before because I didnt know how good they work or if it would just make the eyeshadow look pastey. With just a thin layer of the primer on your eyelids, your eyeshadow last all day maintaining the same radiance as if you just finished putting it on. My mom has a history of disappearing eyeshadow. She loves buying all these beautiful colors and they just fade away during the day. I applied the primer on her one morning and her eyeshadow lasted all day and still looked great! I definitely recommend this product ($15) to have long lasting lovely eyes.

Stay tuned for my review on the Eye Rever-Upper and Bare Minerals eye shadows!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Why write?

Hey all! I've been wanting to write a blog for a long time but never knew what I would write about. I keep my own written journal and really didn't want to write in detail about my life and I knew one day it would come to me. My grand idea...well at least to me. A few days ago, I realized how informative I could be giving reviews on makeup products that I love, try, and use. It may seem like waste of time to some, but why not share ways we can all look and feel beautiful!

Post breakup, where most people eat their way through a depression or rack up their credit card bills, my shop therapy consisted of clothes and makeup. Mostly makeup. I've always loved trying new products and have some products that I cant live without. So basically, this is my sharing to the world what I like, what's worked for me.

It all started in college and I loved my best friend Alicia's eyeshadow. She always had this great shimmery cream color on her lid and a light brown on top.

Shimmering Sands (110) Trio eyeshadow from Cover Girl. I recently gave this to my sister as part of her birthday present. Its a tried and true color combo and every girl needs that.

As you will notice during my posts, thanks to my best friend Courtney I have acquired two more cosmetic obsessions. Mascara and Bare Escentuals. I have quite a collection of mascaras and as I go through my makeup journey/addiction I will post which ones I like the most.

My never fail mascara is the big yellow one: The Collosal Volume Exoress from Maybelline New York. It definitely gives that full volume and length that you are looking for in a mascara (if that is what you are looking for). If you like your eyelashes to stay the way they look when you first put on your mascara, this mascara has a firm hold on your lashes.

These are my two favorites that I'll write on today. Look for my reviews on Bare Escentuals products.

My philosophy is instead of being depressed why not find ways to make yourself look and feel good!