Tuesday, November 17, 2009

True Love's Kiss...

comes in the form of Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm. About 3 years ago my best friend came from NY to visit me here in Florida. She brought with her this lip balm and that she SWORE on and said once I tried I'd never go back. So I tried hers and I was skeptical at first because I hate lip glosses or lip balms that end up leaving my lips waxy or chapped. I was pleasantly surprised when that didn't happen. I had been using the chapstick brand and that no longer worked. I used vaseline for a little bit during a freak allergy that made my lips swell. Knowing myself we had to go find it immediately. She got hers at Sephora, so we went. The lip balm was 7.50 for a pot of gloss and last me for one whole year. I love this lip gloss because it makes my lips super soft and tastes like strawberry. If you've noticed I like things to last and this lip balm goes into my tried and true collection. If I have to name the top 5 things in my purse or things I cant leave home without, my Rosebud lip balm would definitely be one of them. Every girl needs a reliable lip balm :)

My favorite lipstick is from Clinique's Butter Shine collection of lipsticks. I dont really wear lipstick because I dont like the after chapped feel but this also makes my lips soft and I could even put it on without a light coat of lip balm. Its very soft and also a must in my purse. My favorite one comes in the shade Baby Baby which is a light shimmery pink. Clinique overall has a great collection of lipstick that are really good for your lips.

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