Friday, November 27, 2009

A clean slate

With so much makeup, especially eye makeup for me, I've been trying to find which eye makeup remover I liked best. I didn't try very many but as I was rummaging through my mom's medicine cabinet I came across an eye makeup remover from Almay. I loved it because after all the layers, the primer, the eyeshadow, the liner, the mascara, my face looked like a clean slate for my next eye adventure. I had been using the target brand remover and I felt like I was still scraping my makeup off and there was still remnants of it!

Almay has two types and I like the moisturizing remover. My eye makeup comes right off, its gentle and smooth, and only 5 dollars!!

Its great to feel like my face is fresh and my eyes have a new clean slate. It follows the theme of my life from this point forward. Erasing my sad moments and creating a new slate for wonderful, beautiful memories in this new year to come. Opening doors, healing wounds, and living it up the rest of this year and in the year to come! Excited for 2010

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