Monday, July 26, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

This summer I decided to create a reading list of all the books I'd been wanting to read but never had the time to. In my list of books was this now turned favorite Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Seeing as the movie was going to come out this summer I wanted to read it to have an understanding when I went to see it. Always fascinated by the clever cover, I finally picked it up and am now reading it for the second time! It will even be the first book to be read in a newly formed book club of my friends. Fascinated by Gilbert's journey to achieve balance in her life through travel and meditation, this book offers up some great life quotes on love, spirituality, and your sense of self.

This being a makeup blog, how could I possibly relate this book to beauty and beauty products. Well I can!! Throughout my time reading the book, I marked quotes that were profound, funny, unique, or gave me that magical "a ha" moment. Gilbert's conversational and candid way of talking made me feel like she was just discussing her life over some Starbucks.

If you dont know anything about the book, on her quest for balance in all aspects of her life, she travels to Italy, India, and Bali. In Bali, she meets this Brazilian woman who runs a multinational corporation and she describes her as "intensely sexy" and this is where my beauty tie in occurs.

The Brazilian woman, Armenia says the following quote:

"Well , I always tried to look nice and be feminine even in the worst war zones and refugee camps of Central America. Even in the worst tragedies and crisis, there’s no reason to add to everyone’s misery by looking miserable yourself. This is why I always wore makeup and jewelry in the jungle—nothing too extravagant, but maybe just a nice gold bracelet and some earrings, a little lipstick, good perfume. Just enough to show that I still had my self-respect.” (pg. 265)

I loved this quote! There is no need to always look miserable despite what you may be feeling inside. Sometimes the best pick me up is a little makeup. A little concealer here, a little blush there, mascara to brighten those sad eyes, and always always some lip gloss. The show must go on!!

Here's a link to the movie that comes out August 13!!! 

A link to the author's website

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