Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Let's Pucker

Everyone has at some point encountered an Avon lady.  I have been given the pleasure of meeting quite a few Avon ladies, like the one lady at the church who all the sisters buy from, or the abuela who has her collection of Avon creams, or the beauty shop owner whose daughter sells Avon out of her salon. These are all based on real people I've encountered or heard about but since as long as I can remember my mom would always come home with her Avon bag of new stuff she'd just ordered. I enjoy a lot of their products and was actually where my eyeshadow curiosity began when I was a teenager.

I have stumbled upon another one of their great products recently and must share it with you all! It is the Avon Twist and Glide lipgloss. It's a twist lipgloss with a plastic applicator, not one of those normally spongy ones. I thought at first it would be weird to apply my lipgloss with this plastic thing but it worked like any other. Another benefit of the plastic applicator is you can clean it off with some water to take off the left over lipgloss, or if you mix lipsticks like I frequently do, you can remove the other colors. Your next application is that much easier and you dont have to worry about the other color bleeding in. I love how Avon lipsticks and lip glosses always leave your lips feeling super smooth.

I have two of these glosses in the colors Coral and Chocolate. Find an Avon lady near you!

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