Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The X Factor

Carrie: Later that night I got to thinking about the x-factor. In mathematics, we learn that x stands for the unknown, a+b=x, but what's really unknown is what plus what equals friendship with an x. Is this an unsolvable equation? Or is it possible to transform a once passionate love into something that fits nice and easily onto the friendship shelf? I couldn’t help but wonder... can you be friends with an x?

Ohhhh the grand question! But not quite the question I ask myself about this next product. After researching what Sarah Jessica Parker actually uses to create the look of Carrie Bradshaw, I went on a hunt to find those products myself. I posted a video on a previous post with SJP's makeup artist and learned that the mascara she used was in fact from Mac!

So on a day that I needed a little shopping pick-me-up, I went to Macy's to find the mascara she used. I always had this admiration for how great her eyelashes looked and am always trying to find a lipgloss that will give me her signature lip look. SJP uses the mascara, Mascara X. Now I always tend to forget that I have no lashes and need to curl them and put on alot of mascara to get the look I want. Mascara X gives a softer more natural sort of look. It gives some length and volume and surely does not clump. This is perfect for those of you who already have semi long lashes and are looking for some accentuation. I use it in combination with another mascara to get MY desired look which is anything but natural. The interesting thing about this mascara is that it contains product to help strengthen and condition your lashes. Total cost $13.

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