Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sunkissed and Sparkling

Being a Florida girl, a beautiful tan is almost a requirement. Its like "you live in Florida, why are you so white?" So this summer I committed myself to getting a tan, because I tan easily. Since I haven't been brown most of my makeup is lighter than I should have for someone who has a tan. Of course Bare Minerals came to my rescue yet again in the form of an all-over face color called Citrine Radiance. It came as part of a holiday kit called the Jewels Collection. It is a shimmer dust color that you put all over your face. Since my tan was pretty golden, just a lil bit of foundation under the eyes and the shimmer did the trick to look like I had put on makeup. All I had to do was my eyes and it took a FRACTION of the time to get ready. Its a great alternative over the summer because its so hot and its not like your face is melting off with all of the makeup. Its light and fresh and you sparkle, which we all know Sparkle and Glow is key!

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