Sunday, July 11, 2010

Squirrels are just rats with cuter outfits. -Carrie Bradshaw

WOW! I have not updated in the longest time and Lord knows I have collected some new makeup and would love to share all of the greatness I have encountered. With everything being so busy with the end of school and the start of summer, I havent had time to update.

For those of you who DONT know by now, I love Sex and the City and was inspired by this silly and classic Carrie quote for today's post.

A routine Target shopping trip is never complete without intense analysis of the makeup section. We stumbled upon this VERY INEXPENSIVE line of makeup called E.L.F, which stands for eyes, lips, face. They have a variety of makeup products from blushes to brushes anywhere from 1.00-3.00. I was instantly intrigued by the brushes because I love having a variety of brushes to choose from when doing my eye makeup. I dont know how the actual makeup products are but I purchased an eyeshadow brush and LOVE IT. Typically when you think of a makeup brush for a $1.00, you think cheap and hard bristles. I was pleasantly surprised when I checked the brush before purchasing that it was soft and the bristles were nice and compact. I used my brush today for the first time and am very pleased and would recommend if you are in the market for some new inexpensive brushes to try those out.

My bff bought the all over face brush for her mineral makeup. Alicia..did you like it?

Here's a like to their website


  1. ooohhh! how exciting! I will need to check that out!

  2. Yes! They have quite a variety of makeup tools. I was impressed and excited about how inexpensive they are!

  3. Making my To Do List for this week and a trip to Target is definitely on the list. I am in the market for brushes and will definitely pick a few up! Thanks MakeUp Junkie! I'm excited and will certainly write back to share my comments!