Wednesday, July 28, 2010


It seems that every magazine I look through has all these ads for lipstains. Drew Barrymore is advertising them for CoverGirl  and each makeup brand is coming out with their own variation of a lipstain.

I feel like it's one of the new makeup trends and decided to try it out. I wanted something that was a nude color, very natural. I went with Maybelline ColorSensational Lipstain in the color In the Buff. It had a pretty natural pink cap and I thought I'd finally found my light nudish pink. Well..unfortunately it wasn't the pink I imagined. Its more of a deep nude with some reddish undertones. I felt like I had just drank some Kool-Aid. It felt very light on my lips and lasted a long time and didnt come off. I did not like however that it made my lips dry after I put it on. It also accentuated the lines on the lips. So my advice is not to wear it alone. I'm going to continue to play with it, maybe use it with some gloss or a light lipstick. I will not however be using it alone.

First product to be crossed off my wish list.


  1. I've used stains before and I love them. But you do need a gloss to go on top. The color lasts so long and with the gloss you get a lightweight feel with the look you want.

  2. *noted* I will try again tomorrow!